I am Reinier, working as a software developer for the past 13 years and mushroom enthusiast since 3 years. In my work in the IT business I gave a lot of lectures and workshops, it is here I gained experience and found a passion for transferring knowledge.

A couple of years ago my perspective on life shifted radically. Before I tried to meet a socially imposed ideal: good job, big house, lots of stuff. But I wasn’t living a fulfilling life, this became clear to me with the use of, among other things, mushrooms. I became inspired by Paul Stamets, mycologist, and his quest to change the world with the help of mushrooms.

Slowly I started to grow them on my own, a research of trial and error. People around me were interested and wanted to learn from me; so I started giving workshops. The people that attended the workshop spread the word and that’s when I noticed how many people wanted to learn about mushrooms; what they are, how they work and how to grow them.

My dream is to work solely with mushrooms, growing them, researching them and spread the spores, knowledge and love for mushrooms. I believe that the mushroom, the mycelium is a powerful tool to heal the world, both at personal/physical level and at a environmental level.